We are packing experts and offer partial to full packing and even unpacking.

Razorback Moving LLC services in three core areas:

Moving Services - Packing / Unpacking Boxes, Wrapping Furniture, Loading / Unloading Rental Trucks, pods containers and trailers for Local, Long Distance or International Move:


Our Packers and Loaders offer specialized services and personalized customer care. Regardless if you need us to pack your boxes, wrap your furniture, Load and Unload pods containers or rental trucks, Razorback Moving LLC. will professionally handle all your moving and shipping needs nationwide with every safety and security to properly satisfy your peace of mind.

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Shiping Services - Packing and Crating for Nationwide or International Shipping:

Razorback Moving LLC. will send experienced professionals to pack and crate your items on-site and prepare them for shipping to their destination with our pack and ship service. Being a Crating Services Company provider, we have all the necessary skills when shipping high value items such as personal goods or engineering equipment and machinery. Our skilled packers and craters build custom crates from quality wood that are tailor made specifically for the protection of your items. These are one-off Wooden Crates designed around your items. Only custom crates provide such protection and only wooden crates allow our packers and loaders to organize everything on-site. As always this is all covered by one guaranteed flat rate. The only information we require is: your location, size and weight of your item(s) and the destination which domestic or international shipping is required.

Shipping Services - Packing Boxes, Wrapping furniture and Machinery, Shrink Wrap Palletizing:

Palletizing and shrink wrapping your items is important because this protects and keeps your items together as one load. Shipping items one at a time and mixing your items with others increases the risk of loss or damages. With our palletizing system, your items are only moved by forklift or pallet jack and are non-stackable during shipping to their destinations worldwide. Razorback Moving LLC’s professional packing and Shipping Services will protect your valuables from pick up to delivery. Razorback Moving LLC’s professional staff always provides quality customization and care in shipping. You think it, we ship it!

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Shipping Services is when you need to transport boxes, few pieces of furniture (small quantity), machinery or equipment palletized on pallets or in custom wooden crates.

Moving Services is when you need to transport household goods in large quantities in the same truck/container from one location to any place in the world.

Our services focus on domestic and international shipping/moving for personal, business and industrial customers. When you are shipping high-value items such as: personal goods, engineering equipment or machinery, our skilled packers and craters will build custom wooden crates designed exactly for your items. These made to measure crates provide the best protection possible for your shipping needs.


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Small Box

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Ideal for small heavy items like books, CD’s, canned goods, records, tools, videos, small appliances, toiletries, or kitchen items.

Medium Box

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This box is great for most of the belongings you’ll be moving such as Kitchen items, linens, toys, clothes, appliances, and much more.

Large Box

packing services in fayetteville arkansas

Great for lampshades, clothes, toys, kitchen items and oversize items.

Dish Pack

packing service springdale ar

Thicker walled. Ideal for delicate glasses, crystal and china sets.

Mirror Pack

bentonville ar packing service

Great for wrapping art and mirrors. Available in small and large.

Mattress Bag

packing service bentonville ar

Superior protection for your mattesses and boxsprings. Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King.

Shrink Wrap

best packing service northwest ar

Ideal for wrapping your furniture, sofas, and any objects that are not boxed.

Paper Pads

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Triple layer. Protect your furniture, framed pictures, lamps, small appliances from dust, dirt and light scratches.

Packing Paper

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Wrap up all your dishes and fragile items up in clean paper. You can never have enough of this.

Moving Blanket

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Protect your furniture and other items. Provided free for day of move.

Packing Peanuts

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Good for really fragile boxed items such as chandeliers, fragile sculptures, ornaments, etc.

Wardrobe Box

bentonville ar packers

Double-strength wardrobe boxes are ideal for hanging and moving clothes. Each box comes with its own metal bar, so you can move clothing right from the closet to the box.