How To Organize A Yard Sale

How To Organize A Yard Sale

Get rid of household clutter with six easy tips that will help you organize a yard sale in your neighborhood. Many families need more space in their homes and cleaning out closets and selling items you no longer use is and easy way to make some money and create a more organized house. Follow these easy steps to plan a yard sale and enjoy a day with family and friends.

Set a date.

Look on the calendar and find a date for your yard sale. You need to think about weather and other activities that may occur on the same day. Yard sales are usually held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on your availability.garage sales

Gather all the items you no longer use.

Begin going through your closets, basement, kitchen cabinets, and bedrooms to find items for your sale. A great rule of thumb to follow is if you haven’t used it in a year – you probably don’t need it. Locate all of those coats and jackets no one wears anymore. In the basement you may find items that have been packed up for years or household items you inherited from other family members. Anything you don’t plan on using should be set aside for the sale. Ask your children to go through their toys and find things they would like to sell. You may even want to offer them part of the money from the sale of their toys. You will be surprised by how quickly your items add up.

Organize and set a price on each item.

Designate a location to go through all of the items and begin to price. You will need to consider that these are used items and you are having a yard sale. If you think a piece of furniture, jewelry, or electronics are worth more than you would get at a yard sale – you may want to sell these online. If your children have a lot of small toys – you may want to fill boxes and sell things for fifty cents or one dollar. Most yard sale shoppers prefer to purchase items that have a price already marked.

Advertise your yard sale.

You can do this in several ways including putting an article in the local newspaper, put up signs at the post office and grocery store, and one or two days before the sale you should put up signs on the streets around your neighborhood. Make the wording on the signs large enough that people driving by can see the date, time, and address.

Get started early on the day of the sale.

You may be surprised by how many people show up for the yard sale before the advertised time. Any set up you can do the night before will help you feel more prepared the day of the sale. Make sure you have tables to display items and a place to hang clothes. Place furniture, outdoor children’s toys, and large electronic items close to the street to entice people to stop. You can also involve the kids by setting up a stand to sell cold drinks and cookies for hungry shoppers.

Have fun!

Holding a yard sale in your neighborhood will give you a chance to meet new friends and socialize.

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