Moving into or out of a storage unit? Our team of movers is here to help! Although we don’t provide any storage solutions at this time, we do have tons of experience moving people into or out of storage units of all types, shapes, and sizes.


Whether you need to move a few things from a storage unit into your home, you’re in between renovations, you’re downsizing your home, or you’re looking for movers to empty your storage unit, we’re the muscle you need.


Helping You Move Into & Out Of Storage In Arkansas, Texas & Florida

Storage moves are a little different than a regular residential move. Moving in and out of storage involves a little more Tetris experience.

When you book your storage move with us, we’ll arrive prepared to help you make the most out of your storage unit. Our movers care about not only making sure everything fits but also that every piece is protected and you have quick access to anything you might need.


Our movers can help you decide on:

  • The size of the unit you need (do you need a 10×5 or a 10×10?)
  • The type of storage unit you need (indoor climate controlled or an outdoor drive-up?)


This will be based on what you plan on moving into or out of storage and how long you intend to keep the unit.


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Keep Items Protected While In Storage

If you prefer to leave your items shrink-wrapped and padded while in storage (something we recommend for at least some of your more valuable items) you can even pay a pad deposit for us to leave items protected. You will get your deposit back in full if you return the pads in good condition. Whenever we are moving out of units we make sure that every item is prepped for transport even if it was left unprotected at the unit.


Do You Need Help Unloading Portable Storage Containers & Rental Trucks?

Unloading a portable storage container or rental truck in Arkansas, Texas or Florida? Our movers get the job done quickly and professionally. We bring the tools, the muscle, and the experience so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Portable & Storage Unit Movers Service Area

Portable & Storage Movers In Oklahoma & Florida

We provide residential moves in the following cities, and their surrounding suburbs:


To find your closest service area see our movers service area.


Helpful Storage Move-In and Move-Out Tips

Clean Your Storage Unit

To avoid any cleaning or damage fees, make sure to clean your storage unit before you leave! This includes any trash, sweeping up dust and dirt, buffing out any marks on the walls or doors, and washing up any spills or leaks.

Measure Your Storage Unit

Measure the size and capacity of your storage unit so you know what size truck or trailer is needed for all your stuff! This is especially important if you’re moving in and out of storage on your own and need to rent the right size truck.

Label Your Boxes

You don’t want to be digging in a tight space or unstacking a bunch of boxes to find a single item you misplaced.

Get Waterproof Containers

Store your items in plastic, waterproof containers. Whether it was a flood or a slow leak, accidents happen! For storage units you won’t regularly check on, it’s important to keep your items safe and dry.

Don't Forget Your Lock

It’s easy to forget that the lock doesn’t come with your storage unit but make sure to take it with you so you can use it again in the future.


This will depend on the storage place your unit is located in. Most require you to pack up and clean your units before the end of your rental period, this could be month by month or yearly. We recommend checking in with your storage unit provider and finding out the steps required to move out.

Again, this will be dependent on the storage facility you choose, we recommend getting in touch and asking them directly to ensure everything is done correctly.

Don’t just vacate your unit and tell no one!

Yes! If you need packing services just let us know. Our movers are experts in moving AND packing and we are happy to help. We can provide boxes and packing supplies to you at cost!


Our goal is to get your goods from point A to point B safely and intact! In the rare case that damage occurs, we do offer No Worries Damage Coverage. Visit our page to learn more about our damage coverage.


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