What to Ask When Hiring a Local Courier Service

What to Ask When Hiring a Local Courier Service

local courier service

Local courier services are a very cost-effective alternative to big-name carriers and the postal service because of their focus on providing quick, quality services at affordable prices.

Interested in trying a courier service? To make sure your packages and documents are in good hands, make sure to ask these five questions when selecting your vendor:

Question 1: “How reliable and professional are your drivers?”

There’s nothing more important than knowing that your packages and documents are delivered to their destinations safely and on time. Razorback Courier Service same-day delivery solution provides you with reliable and professional drivers so you can rest assured that your items are in trusted hands.

• Razorback Courier’s drivers wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles so they can be recognized at all times.
• Our drivers have customer service experience to make sure they deliver the best service possible.
• Our drivers are fully insured and background-checked.
• Razorback Courier’s drivers are HIPAA-compliant, which means your health care-related information is secure.
• You’ll receive a photo of and contact information for your Courier driver.
• You have the ability to rate your driver and leave feedback after each delivery, to help us hold our drivers to the highest standard.

Question 2: “What service options are available?”

When you choose a local courier service, it’s pertinent that you inquire about their service options and make sure they align with your needs.

Razorback Courier service understands our clients’ needs:

• We are available 24/7/365, weekends and holidays.
• Clients can choose from our various service levels, from ASAP to All Day options.

Question 3: “What kind of technology do you use to make placing and managing orders quick and easy?”

Two of the main reasons to use a courier service is to save time and gain peace of mind, which includes having access to personalized services and being able to keep track your packages at all times.

Razorback Courier’s advanced technology platform supports the following:

• Easy online ordering
• Real-time, live-map tracking
• iOS and Android mobile apps
• Up-to-the-minute ETAs
• Signature verification’s upon delivery completion
• Ability to notify recipients of the delivery process via email

Question 4: “What is your pricing structure?”

Nobody likes a sticker shock. If you’re running a business and use a courier service regularly, you want to stay within budget.

Razorback Courier understands the importance of transparency, and we’re always upfront about our pricing. Our easy ordering process allows you to get an accurate quote before placing your order. You can also rest assured that you’ll never see any hidden fees or fuel surcharges.

Question 5: “What if I have a problem or concern?”

When choosing a local courier service, make sure they have experienced dispatch and customer service teams in place to answer questions and help resolve issues at all times.

At Razorback Courier, we take customer support seriously:

• Our customer service team is on call to help you with questions or concerns that may arise.
• Our dispatch team and technology efficiently routes each delivery to save you time and money.
• Our team listens to customer feedback and is continuously improving the Razorback Courier platform to deliver the best customer experience possible.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the efficiency, peace of mind, convenience, and high-level of customer care that a local courier service can offer, ask us how Razorback Courier can help.

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