You pay for your move at the end of the move. Your movers will stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move.

At the end of the move, the movers will stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move. We accept all major credit cards(4% fee) , we also accept cash. We do not accept checks. Companies needing to pay by check for an office move can contact our office to confirm a check is acceptable


As with other service industries, you may wish to thank your movers by offering a gratuity if they do a wonderful job. Keep in mind that gratuity is not expected but is certainly appreciated.

On average, our crews typically receive tips that are around 10% to 15% of the final bill. Of course, if your movers were super duper awesome you can leave more if you like. Conversely, if you didn’t feel the movers lived up to your expectations, you don’t have to leave a tip at all.

Cash tips are usually preferred but you have the ability to leave a tip for your movers on a credit card if you prefer.

We get it. Moving can be expensive and sometimes a tip just doesn’t fit in the budget. No worries. If you loved our service but can’t leave a tip, a great alternative is to show your movers some love by leaving a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook. A great review or a referral to friends and family means a lot!


You can tip using cash or credit card. It is company policy that if a tip is provided during the final payment that is split evenly amongst the crew members who helped with the job. Of course, if you prefer to tip each individual mover, you can do that as well.

If you are moving outside of a free service zone, we charge a one-time travel fee. This travel fee covers the cost of the gas, the truck, and paying our movers for the period in which the truck is empty (either going out to you before the move starts or traveling back to our facility once the move has ended).

In general, our free service zone is about a 10 to 15 mile radius around our location. Our system generates trip fees through a combination of average drive time and mileage to/from our location.

The only other fees we charge is our hourly rate and the cost of packing supplies (if you require them).

We estimate moves based on a number of factors. The estimate though is just an estimate and you may end up paying more or less.

With that being said, we do have a minimum on each move. If your move is completed earlier than the minimum, then you will only pay the minimum amount. If your move extends beyond the minimum, then you will pay in 15 minute increments based on our hourly rate.

If you are moving with us within Arkansas we accept all major credit cards(4% fee) and cash.

If you are moving with us within Oklahoma we accept all major credit cards but DO NOT accept cash.

In all locations, we do not accept checks. Companies needing to pay by check for an office move can contact our office to confirm a check is acceptable


During longer moves the movers may decide to stop for lunch. Often times they will stop en route to the next location but, either way, they will stop the clock for any time they spend eating and any additional drive time to get to their lunch spot.

Providing lunch is not required and not generally recommended. Lots of movers will bring their own lunch and the others generally prefer to stop somewhere along the way.


This really depends on the time of the year. We are busiest on weekends, during the summer, and at the end and beginning of each month. If you are moving during that time, we suggest contacting us as soon as possible and ideally with at least two weeks’ advance notice.

Please note: there is no deposit required and no cancellation fee so we recommend getting a date locked down even if you think you may have to reschedule in the future.

If you are moving during the week or during our slower season, we typically have more availability but we still recommend letting us know as soon as possible. If you need help last minute, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


We have 26 foot box trucks which typically fit the equivalent of an 1800 square foot home. This of course depends on the individual but that is a relatively good rule of thumb.

We do everything in our power to make sure your items get from A to B in the same condition it left in. If for some reason, that doesn’t happen and it was our fault, we will make sure to make it right by fixing or replacing the item(s). Often times, the movers will notice a damage as it happens and point it out to you. They will then process a damage claim, offering a settlement immediately if it makes sense, or letting the back office know the details so they can follow up.

If you notice, at any time, that something during the move was damaged and wasn’t noticed, we ask that you let us know immediately. The best way is to shoot us over some quick pics of the damage (multiple angles can sometimes help) along with as much info about the damaged item as possible (price, model number, manufacturer, etc.) so we can start figuring out the best course of action to get it fixed.

Remember that our promise to repair or replace damaged items does not expire. If at any time in the future you notice something was damaged during your move please let us know about it!


The best way you can help on moving day is by making it clear what items are going, if anything is staying, where everything is going to, and just being prepared. We also recommend helping us by making sure any kids or pets are kept out of harms way!

For the most part, having non-professionals work alongside our movers can potentially slow things down and cost you more money in the long run.

If you absolutely want to help with the physical lifting that is okay but we ask that you stick to one-man items like boxes and misc. stuff. Due to liability concerns, we also require that all customers stay off the moving truck and not participate in lifting any two-man items. So, if you want to help with the heavy lifting, you can bring items to the truck but do not go inside the truck yourself. Just leave the items outside of the truck so we can handle making sure the item is protected and then placed appropriately in the truck ourselves.

Moving can be particularly stressful for pets. Because of this, we encourage you to find a pet-sitter for move day or make sure you have a closed room (preferably empty) in the home where they can stay undisturbed.

For more information on moving with pets, visit our blog.


For morning moves we provide a 1-hour window of arrival to account for traffic conditions. For afternoon moves, the arrival window is also 1 hour as it depends on when the move before yours finishes.

If we arrive after our time window, we immediately deduct 10% off your bill.


Being present and giving directions at the destination address will be the best way to ensure the move goes smoothly and everything is in its correct place. Also, making sure all the boxes are labeled correctly will help as well. Come up with a simple labeling system like BR1 (bedroom 1) and make sure each box is clearly marked and labeled not only on the top but on at least 2 other sides. Labeling each room with a post-it at the destination (placing near the door that serves as the entry into the room) also helps to keep the rooms straight for the movers.

Of course, the movers will conduct a walkthrough at the end of the move and will make sure you are happy with where everything ended up. Don’t hesitate to ask them to move things around for you before they go!

Most dressers weren’t designed to be moved with the extra weight of clothes and other items, so for the safety and structural integrity of the item please remove all items from any drawers.

Additionally, it is very important that any small misc. items are removed beforehand such as glasses, jewelry, etc. Furniture items will often need to be tilted on their side or even turned over in order to be moved safely and these small items can get lost within the dresser or fall out of the dresser.

Yes, we do ask that you empty filing cabinets before the move begins. Leaving items in the filing cabinets increases the chances they will be damaged during the move.

Unfortunately, we are unable to transport customers in our trucks due to liability reasons. If you need a ride between locations we recommend asking a friend or arranging for a taxi or uber/lyft to pick you up.

There are a few things that we prefer customers to handle themselves if possible. These items include cash/gift cards, prescription medication, super fragile breakables, lamp shades, etc.

Bad weather happens and the majority of the time we keep moving during minor storms. All furniture items are protected (padded and wrapped/banded) before they leave your house so they don’t get exposed to the elements. Usually there is not much of a walk between the location and our truck so a little rain is rarely an issue.

If it is raining very hard we can either wait for the rain to pass or reschedule the move. It really depends on the situation.

As always, we will never move anything if you feel the environment isn’t right. In the case of major weather events that lead to unsafe conditions for our workers (icy roads, bad winds, flooding, dangerous heat index) we reserve the right to reschedule moves or bring on additional movers (at cost) to expedite the completion of the move.

Yes, for the protection of the internal shelves of the fridge we ask that you remove everything from the fridge/freezer before it is moved. The fridge will always be one of the last things to go on the truck and one of the first things to come off. In this way, we make sure your perishable food items are out of the fridge for the shortest amount of time possible. Obviously, having a cooler handy to transport this food is the best option.

If you are moving a fridge into storage, we just need to make sure that we defrost the fridge before it gets into storage or, at the very least, be sure the leave the fridge doors slightly cracked so it can dry properly and we can avoid any mold building up.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any kind of vehicle transport for cars or trucks. We are also unable to move any recreational motorized vehicles of any kind due to liability and safety concerns. This includes things like dirt bikes, ride on lawnmowers, and golf carts.


Avoiding Damages and Damage Claims

We are insured in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida. In fact, all moving companies are required by the Department of Motor of Vehicles and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to carry insurance and offer liability for damaged or lost goods.

If a company is operating legally  then they automatically provide “valuation” at $.60 per pound. This means that we, and any other moving company for that matter, are liable for any items broken, lost, or damaged at $.60 per pound of the item. This type of movers liability is regulated by the Department of Insurance, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

As for a “total loss” we are not legally liable for that (although there has never been an instance in which we have not completely covered a damaged item). You can, of course, buy transit insurance which could provide you with complete coverage on everything rather than a declared value per pound. Transit insurance is not regulated by the Department of Insurance so be sure to carefully read the policy and understand the coverage and deductibles.

Currently, we are not capable of providing transit insurance directly through our company. There are many trusted companies that can provide this for you if you so desire.

One thing to remember as well is that often your homeowner insurance policy covers about 10% of the value of your personal property. This includes coverage for breakage and theft in transit. Obviously, it’s not 100% but it’s additional coverage you may not have known about.


We always recommend transporting jewelry, cash, prescription medicine, and other small valuables yourself. Just for your own peace of mind. As for especially valuable larger items (antique furniture, family heirlooms, valuable artwork, or anything with great sentimental or monetary value), please make sure to point these out to the movers before they begin moving so they can make sure to give the item the tender loving care it deserves. It is always helpful if you can alert us to this during the booking process as well (we will probably ask!).

Services and Storage

We can help with the unloading and loading of rental trucks or PODs or any other container.


We are able to provide packing supplies such as boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and tape to all of our customers at cost. This means we do not up-charge for these items and are able to sell these items to our customers at the cost at which we bought them. Since we typically buy in bulk, the pricing we can offer is typically better than anything you can find elsewhere.

If we are doing the packing ourselves, we will bring the required supplies on move day and you will just pay for the items we used at the end of the move.

We do not offer delivery at this time though. If you would like to purchase boxes from us so you can pack yourself, you are more than welcome to come by one of our locations and purchase them from our wonderful staff.

We do not currently offer crating services.

We do offer unpacking services at this time. Be aware that unpacking can be a slow process since we basically have to ask where you would like each item to go as we unpack it. This can make the overall move much more expensive and relatively inefficient.


Yes, we move things into storage all the time and there are a number of ways to protect your items while in storage. We shrink-wrap almost all furniture items but the shrink wrap is applied over and around our moving blankets to make sure they stay on. Shrink wrap is almost never used as a sole means of protection and definitely not for items stored long term in storage as it has a tendency to trap moisture which can damage wood furniture.

Paper pads work as well as inexpensive cloth pads. If you have some sheets, extra towels, blankets, or comforters that you don’t mind using that can be an option as well (the most inexpensive one).

Additionally, we also offer the option to use our pads for free (we do ask for a deposit). In order to keep a pad or multiple pads, we ask that you place a pad deposit of $12 a pad. Basically, the price to buy the pad outright. When you return the pads (in useable condition) you will receive your full deposit back of $12 a pad. So basically, this service is free to you as long as you return the pads. There is no limit of time on rentals. Take them for as long as you need them. Return them when you are ready.

Sure. If you are planning on storing an item or a number of items for an extended period of time, it is often better to leave the provided wraps on at least the most delicate furniture in order to keep it protected. Additionally, the item will need to be wrapped regardless in order to transport via a professional mover so leaving it wrapped may also save you time (and thus money) whenever you decide to move those items again.

In order to keep a pad or multiple pads, we ask that you place a pad deposit of $12 a pad. Basically, the price to buy the pad outright. When you return the pads (in useable condition) you will receive your full deposit back of $12 a pad. So basically, this service is free to you as long as you return the pads. There is no limit of time on rentals. Take them for as long as you need them. Return them when you are ready.

We do not currently offer storage options. We recommend using to help find a storage space. It is kind of like the Expedia for storage.


Adding multiple destinations is not an issue at all. There are no additional charges but, obviously, driving around to multiple locations will take extra time. Since we operate on a per hour basis, that means the cost will be higher. We do not stop the clock while driving from one place to another.

Additionally, we are happy to break up the move into multiple components if that is something you prefer. We do have a 2 1/2 hour minimum on all of our moves so it may be better to do it all at once or at least in large blocks.

Also, our ability to break up the job into different days depends on our availability. If you decide you would prefer to do that, let us know as soon as possible so we can work to make the dates you request are available.

Yes, in fact, sometimes furniture disassembly is required in order to move a furniture item safely. Often this includes removing mirrors from dressers, taking apart beds, removing table legs, etc.

Everything that we disassemble will be put back together by our team at the other end. Our movers come with their own fully stocked tool bags so they have all the tools they need and these services are included in our hourly rates.

Yes, we can disconnect and reconnect appliances. The movers will have all the tools necessary to complete the work but we are not professional plumbers. Thus, if you request the service, we will ask that you sign a waiver releasing us of any liability associated with disconnecting or reconnecting water lines and exhaust hoses.

The most common issue associated with moving appliances is leaking at the water connections. We recommend keeping an eye on the connections the first time you run your first load of laundry. We also recommend that you ensure your dryer hose is free of any holes or knicks before it is installed at the new location.

If you have a front-loading washer we strongly recommend having the shipping bolts (bolts that came with the dryer if you bought it new) that secure the drum. If you do not have them, we may ask you to sign a liability waiver since we can’t adequately protect the drum/washer during transit.

Finally, if the dryer outlet you are moving to is different from the outlet you moved from (it is a four-prong compared to a 3 prong for example) we will not be able to switch out the connections for you. The movers will be able to walk you through the steps though and/or provide additional resources to help.


We can help you take things off walls but we are unable to help with mounting TVs or hanging items.

Due to liability concerns, we are unable to move items that weigh more than 1000 lbs (with certain exceptions).

Additionally, we do move grand or baby grand pianos. We also move upright pianos as long as it is not going up or down any stairwells. We do not move pool tables unless it has been disassembled and the slates removed.

We also do not offer any kind of vehicle transport for cars or trucks. This includes any recreational motorized vehicles of any kind (such as golf carts, dirt bikes, etc.) as well as riding lawnmowers.(unless preapproved)

Finally, we do not move drugs or drug paraphernalia; perishable items; items prohibited by law; weapons, explosives, flammable liquids, or anything that would otherwise put the safety of our movers, the truck, the customer, or the customer’s belongings at risk.

If you are unsure whether your items fall into the categories above, please give us a call.


We do move plants but often times moving is particularly stressful on a plant. It can be hard to secure it safely in the back of the truck and the motion and temperature extremes inside the moving truck can be especially traumatic. For this reason, the movers may ask you to sign a liability waiver before moving your plants.

Additionally, plants take up a great deal of space in the truck but not in a very efficient way. This is something to consider if moving plants results in the need for an extra trip.

Due to liability concerns we cannot load or unload things from an attic. The flooring in most attics makes moving in them unsafe.