About Razotback Moving LLC

One of the lowest claims rates in the industry

Razorback Moving is your safest decision when picking a mover. When accidents happen we are professional, responsive and put your needs first. We aim to make sure every move is a hassle free experience.

We understand that accidents can occur and we are fast, friendly and fair when resolving our customers claims. Ahead of your move, we work with you to recommend any risk mitigation, explain our terms and conditions and explain our insurance coverage. Where there has been a rare or unforeseen accident, we are transparent and forthcoming about both the process and options for resolution.

2% Razorback Moving Claim rate


20% Nation Average Moving Industry Claim Rate

*In the USA, 1 in 5 moves results in a claim according to ASMA

Razorback Moving & Storage Claim Form

Our aim is to resolve any claim within 60 days of receiving your claims form submission, images and relevant documentation regarding your claim. You have up to 90 days from the day of your move to file a claim.

If you have a claim to make, please fill out the appropriate form below.

Once you submit your claim form you will be emailed a copy of the form with your responses to each question and our claims department will be in touch ASAP to resolve it with you.

You must submit this form to timestamp your claim with Razorback Moving & Storage.

For any urgent matters once you have submitted your form you can contact us at support@razorbackmoving.com

    Feedback & Claim

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    About your claim

    Please provide us with as much information as possible regarding your claim so our Customer Success Team can respond to you promptly with a resolution. You can also attach photos and any additional information to support your claim.

    ( optional - upload limit is 10MB of each file, allowed format include .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .webp, .heif, .heic, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .rtf )

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    Claims process at Razorback Moving & Storage

    A claim cannot usually be resolved immediately and may take some time before items can be inspected and repaired or replaced. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this process. What you can expect from us:

    1. We take your feedback and claims very seriously. Once we have received all the information regarding your claim including any supporting pictures or evidence our claims team will be in touch to begin investigating your claim.

    2. Your appointed contact in our claims department will be your key contact as we resolve your claim. They will email and call you as we make progress and find a fair resolution as quickly as possible.

    3. We will present you with a fair and considered settlement offer. If you accept the offer we will compensate you accordingly. If our offer is not accepted we will work with an independent arbitrator where appropriate.