Can you hire movers to move one item?

Can you hire movers to move one item?

Can you hire movers to move one item?


single item movers


Can you hire movers to move one piece of furniture? The simple answer: Yes, there are single item movers and we are one of them!

The service you may be looking for when you need a mover to move 1 item is often called a “small move”. There are some variables that will factor into a professional moving company’s ability to help you out when moving one or a few items. Before hiring a moving company to move your few items, it’ll be good to outline what it is you need moved and ensure that it’s within the expertise of the movers to get it to where it needs to go.

Razorback moving is experienced and available for your small move needs. No matter how mini your move is, we can help you out.

Check out the information below on what makes a small move and how to hire a professional mover to help you.

What’s a small move?

The need for a small move service may be more common than you think. Some examples include:

  • Roommates that just need a few items moved like a sofa, couch or a mattress.
  • Renters needing to clear space for guests visiting from out of town by putting things into storage for a month while they’re staying over
  • College students living in university housing who need to have their stuff moved to storage or back home
  • Partial moving requests such as large, heavy, and/or valuable items that need to be expertly packed and handled as you handle the logistics of the rest of your move
  • Big, tough to move items that won’t fit in a pick-up truck or an apartment building elevator that need professional handling
  • Families who’ve accumulated belongings over time and don’t want to move homes, just clear space by moving things into storage


Any of these scenarios sound familiar? If so, and you’ve got a small move to make, the good news is you don’t have to do it alone! Razorback moving can help you with your next small move.


single item moving


What do I need to know when hiring movers for a small number of items?

After you identify what item(s) you need moved, when you need them to be relocated, and their final destination, it’s time to ask some questions. To assess what it will take for professional movers to make your small move happen and for you to learn what costs are associated with a small move service, you may want to get answers about the following:

  • Does the company have experience moving the items you need relocated? You can expect that professional movers will be forthcoming about their expertise in moving particular items, such as ones that may be fragile or need special care in transit.
  • Are the movers insured? Double check that the professional movers you hope to hire have moving insurance that covers damage to your home while moving or to the items being moved (accidents happen!) or any loss of items during the move.
  • What sort of care will be taken when moving these items — to protect the items themselves and the floors/walls/etc. while moving? Experienced movers will take steps to reduce the likelihood of damage to your items or to the space around the items with gear such as moving blankets and floor coverings.
  • How much will moving the items cost? Does it depend on the items themselves or does the company offer a flat, all-inclusive fee for small moves? Ensuring that the cost of moving is within your budget will help you make an informed decision.


Razorback moving can take care of it all! Check out our Small Moves page for more info; we offer a flat fee that includes the cost of travel, labor, and protecting your items for the move. We provide the same professional care and service no matter the size of your move.

Ready to make a move? Get in touch today for an obligation-free guaranteed flat price moving quote.




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