Most Commonly Forgotten Objects in a Household Move

Most Commonly Forgotten Objects in a Household Move

Moving can be a stressful time for everybody. Trying to remember everything you need to accomplish before you move can be a trying task for anybody, even if you make out a checklist for yourself. It’s no surprise then that many people will inevitably forget some items while moving, and some of the most common objects left behind may surprise you.

Trash and Recycling Bins

Trash cans aren’t the most glamorous items you own, but they do serve an important purpose. Since many people leave their trash cans outside, they are easily overlooked when you’re making sure your home is completely packed up. This isn’t as much of an issue with cheaper, smaller trash cans but this can be a pricey oversight if you own a large trash receptacle. Remember to pack all bins away before you leave so that you will have someplace to leave your trash when you get to your new home.

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Moving boxes and furniture in new home

Sundries in your Medicine Cabinet

Many homes are outfitted with medicine cabinets behind the mirror in their bathroom, and because they are essentially hidden from sight unlike the other cabinets in your home, they’re easy to forget about. It isn’t too shocking to discover then that many people forget to pack everything in said cabinets. This could leave you without important medications, bandages, makeup and whatever sundry items you store in your bathroom.


Since you use it every day, it’s easy to forget that the $100 floor lamp sitting in the corner wasn’t always a part of the house. Similarly, lighting fixtures of all types are seemingly overlooked when moving including outdoor decorative lights, solar-powered walkway lights and all kinds of lamps. It doesn’t help that it’s one of the last things you’ll have to remove from the home since you’ll likely need them to see while you’re doing any last minute cleanups in your house.

Items You’ve Lent Out

Perhaps the most commonly forgotten items are those that aren’t even in your home at all. Being neighborly often means lending out appliances, electronics or home care products to nearby acquaintances. Often times this means you’ll lend out an item and subsequently forgot about until it’s brought back to you. Make a mental note of every item you’ve lent out before you move and be sure to make an attempt to retrieve it before leaving. Similarly, this would be a great time to give back any items you may have borrowed from your neighbors. For more useful moving information visit our blog

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