Organizing and Packing Your Belongings for Donation

Organizing and Packing Your Belongings for Donation

You don’t really know how many belongings you have until you begin organizing and packing to move to a new home. Organizing your belongings and determining what you want to keep, donate or throw away is a good way to start the moving process. Donating in Rogers Ar is a good way to give back to your community, and the moving process will be easier. Read on to learn about the best tips for the moving, packing and donation process.donation pickup rogers ar

Do One Room at a Time

It’s important to stay organized while you’re moving and packing up your belongings. Do one room at a time, and after you’re done with it, move to another room. It makes it easier to determine the items you want to donate or take with you to your new home.

Give Yourself Time

It’s important to start the donation process when you first know that you’re moving to a new home. Starting the donation process at the beginning will ensure that you don’t take belongings with you that you don’t want or need.

Make Piles

Once you determine what you want to donate, the items need to be organized. Divide your items into piles depending on the category they belong in. Keeping them organized will make it easier for you when you drop them off at the donation site. You may have to go to different donation sites depending on the items you have.

Don’t Be Hesitant to Throw Away Items

It’s best that you avoid donating items that can’t be used or aren’t in good condition. Don’t be hesitant to throw away items that you don’t think you should donate or take to your new home. It may be difficult at first to throw away some of your belongings, but you’ll feel better after you see that you don’t have clutter anymore.

Pack Your Belongings

After you determine what you want to donate and put the items in the designated piles, you can begin the packing process. The moving process starts when you begin to pack your belongings to donate them or take them to your new home. Clothing should be in bags, and fragile household items should be wrapped in paper and packed in sturdy boxes.

Contact Donation Centers

Next, you should contact donation centers in Rogers Ar to determine if they’ll be able to pick up the items that you’re donating. Razorback Moving will be able to pick up up your items, but you should contact us to be sure.


If the donation centers in Northwest Arkansas that you contacted aren’t able to pick up the items that you want to donate, you should try to find a donation box where you live. If you can’t find one, you’ll have to go to a donation center in Rogers Ar.

The moving process is tiring and requires a lot of patience and time. Don’t be hesitant to ask a family member, friend or neighbor to help you or if all else fells give Razorback Moving a call. If someone helps you, you should focus on organizing and packing your belongings. Be sure to get a receipt to show proof that you donated items if you want to claim it on your taxes.

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