Understand Moving Quotes

Understand Moving Quotes

Learn from a professional Fayetteville Arkansas Moving Company the difference between pricing methods and moving estimates.

When you get moving quotes it is important to understand what you are getting.  If you are just starting your search for a moving company or you already got moving quotes from 2 or 3 movers, there are some things you need to know to compare them.  Every moving company may have a different method for pricing or have a different kind of estimate.  It can all be very confusing.

We’ve gathered some helpful information for you to understand your moving quote and moving estimate, so you can make the right decision when choosing a Fayetteville mover.

Hourly Pricing Vs. Guaranteed Pricing

The majority of movers price their moves by the hour, however a select few have chosen a different route called Guaranteed Pricing, also sometimes referred to as Flat-rate pricing.  This quoting method is based on an inventory list of items that you want to move.  Each item has a specific price, so your price only changes if you change your inventory.  This guarantees your price won’t change if the move takes longer than expected.

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An hourly moving quote is based on an estimate of the time it will take for your move.  They may still ask for an inventory, but it may only be approximate.  If the mover underestimates the amount of time it takes, then you will end up paying more.  You have to be very accurate when you describe your moving situation, from the amount of furniture to the parking distance to the flights of stairs.  Otherwise, you may be charged long carry fees or extra charges you didn’t expect.

Guaranteed Price moving quotes are especially important for long-distance moves because everything needs to be inventoried to be accurate.  Razorback Moving is a guaranteed price mover and we use this method for all local and long-distance moves.  This benefits our customers because it means no surprises and no hidden charges.

Binding Estimate Vs. Non-Binding Estimate

Another important factor in getting a quote is finding out if the mover’s estimate is binding or non-binding.  A non-binding estimate is an approximate cost of the move based on the weight of items and services that you discussed with the mover.  It can change to be more or less than estimated if the weight of the goods changes.

Binding estimates are more full proof.  They must follow these regulations implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

  • The moving company can only charge you for what is listed on the estimate at the time of the move.  If additional services are requested, the moving company may bill you later for the services.
  • The mover must give you a copy of the estimate in writing.
  • The estimate must clearly state that it is binding and charges are only for the services outlined.
  • If the moving company agrees to move additional items, they must revise or negotiate the estimate to reflect those changes.
  • The mover cannot charge more than what is listed on the estimate except for any agreed upon additional services or charges.
  • At the time of delivery, only the fees on the binding estimate can be charged.

Basically, with a written binding estimate you know what you are getting.  The estimate is based on the weight of the items moved.  The mover can charge more for additional services such as packing if requested, but only if an agreement is made by both parties.  It is in your best interest to be accurate with the items being moved and services you need before move day.  Your mover should confirm with you any changes to the move before it begins.

Binding, Not-to-Exceed Estimates

The caveat of a binding estimate is that you have to pay what is listed on the estimate even if the weight of the items ends up being less.  That is where Not-to-Exceed Binding estimates come in.  This means that you will pay the lesser price of either the estimated weight or the actual weight.  This further guarantees that you will never pay more than what is estimated to you, in fact you may pay less.

This is the best option you can get for a moving estimate.  Be aware that even for these estimates, the mover can still charge for additional services like storage or packing.  The binding part of the estimate only applies to the goods being moved outlined in the estimate.

Get Your Guaranteed Moving Quote from Razorback Moving LLC Fayetteville, Your Trusted Fayetteville Mover

If you call us at (479) 521-5078 or fill out our online quote form, we will send you a guaranteed price. Our pricing method is great for planning your moving budget.  Our binding, not-to-exceed estimates guarantees that your price won’t go up due to the hours it takes or the men on the job.

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