What to Wear on Moving Day

What to Wear on Moving Day

What to Wear on Moving Day

Moving is a labor-intensive activity, and it is important to dress appropriately. Even if a professional moving company does the bulk of the moving, you may wish to plan a special wardrobe for the day. Knowing what to wear is a key part of making your moving experience smooth, successful, and stress-free.

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Clothing for Moving

What you choose to wear during a move depends to a great extent on the season. Here in Northwest Arkansas it can stay hot for many months of the year, and a lot of moves take place in sweltering weather. It may be beneficial to wear light, airy clothes for this kind of weather. Even if it is chilly outside, it may be helpful to dress in layers, since physical activity can raise your body temperature.

Another important concern is the wear and tear that clothing can take during a move. If you are going to rearrange furniture in your new place or carry certain items yourself, you do not want to damage your clothing in the process. Wear clothes that you don’t mind damaging, just in case you encounter snags, wet paint, or other fabric hazards.

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