Why It Is More Expensive to Move in The Summer

Why It Is More Expensive to Move in The Summer

Why It Is More Expensive to Move in The Summer

On the surface, summer may seem the ideal time to move. People move because they need to be in a home before the fall school year starts. It’s also when many people put their homes on the market. While many people choose to move during the summer, be aware that doing so can be surprisingly expensive. Several factors make moving during this time of more costly. A proper budget to cover all potential moving costs is a must.moving in the sunner

The Weather is Good

In much of the country, summer means days of pleasant weather. Long days full of light allow people to spend a great deal of time outside moving boxes and other items more easily. The pleasant weather means there’s no ice and snow to worry about and no need to dig out a moving van from layers of cold precipitation. The roads are safer and driving is easier.

College Kid Competition

As August dies down, college kids head back to campus. College kids have lots of stuff they need to take with them. From books to desks and bedding, college kids take up lots of moving expenses and time. They also push up the costs of moving as there are fewer movers for everyone else.

Popular Home Selling Season

Spring and summer are when more people put their homes up for sale. The warmer weather brings out more buyers and sellers than blizzards and heavy ice. While only a few homes might be on the market during the winter, such is usually not the case as spring merges into summer. Buyers and sellers want to hook up for their mutual benefit. Moving all the items in a home can take up lots of space in one or more moving vans. When buyers and sellers move, they need lots of help. Prices tend to climb when there’s more demand for movers from home buyers and sellers.

The Holiday Season is Past

From the long stretch of the Forth of July to Labor Day, this is a season of few holidays. Fewer holidays means chances to move. People are reluctant to leave a home right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. They don’t feel the same at the end of July.

Summer Break

Kids are on vacation for two months. Many parents want to avoid disrupting their child’s school year. This July and August two of the most popular months for moving. Parents can make the move easier on their kids by moving during the summer rather than in the middle of November or March. No need for new teachers or new classes. This also pushes up the cost of movers.

Leases and Seasonal Workers

Temporary employment opportunities in places such as amusement parks are common during this time of year. People frequently need to move to take a job. This is also a common time to start or end a lease. When people move for a job or find their leases is up, they look for movers to help them.

The best time of year to move will depend on many specific personal factors. Consider a move during the winter. At the very least, get quotes from multiple movers during this time to find the best price for your move.

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